Up Lighting Needed At Your Event?

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As a Lighting Designer I would always say yes! If you are looking for a Dramatic way to Illuminate your event space, Up Lighting can help you to accent the natural architecture of the venue that you like, or hide spaces you dislike.

Studio 450 NYC Before Up LightingShown Left is Studio 450 NYC.  This venue has magnificent views of the City.  The space is completely white from floor to ceiling a blank canvas.  Candle Light on the tables and Chandelier’s provided a warm Glow to the space.  This venue doesn’t need a great deal of Lighting, Pin Spotting of Centerpieces can become difficult if not done properly due to the low ceiling height.

studio 450 up lighting after Our client was looking to add a Glow to the space by highlighting  the perimeter architecture mainly columns in between the vast windows, as well as providing needed ambient lighting for dining, this lighting gave the space depth.  We chose to use Wireless LED fixtures in this space that were controlled throughout the event to deliver Rich Smooth color.

When determining if your event will benefit from Up Lighting remember that no other Lighting Treatment reflects a Clients personality more than Up Lighting.  Various Lighting Fixtures are available that perform this treatment, LED Up Lighting Fixtures  allow Advanced Color Mixing and are Programmed to the individual space  and operated Via a Laptop Computer.  Another Up Lighting choice is Par 38 Theatrical Fixtures.  These fixtures provide one color throughout the event, this can be any color of your choosing.  Par 38 Fixtures are great when you want to add Up Lighting to a space but do not want them to change color.

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Texture Ceiling Wash

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We Had a client this past weekend that was looking for something interesting on the ceiling at the Roosevelt Hotel NYC.  We used Martin Mac 300 Moving Light Fixtures to create a base of color, then patterns from additional Moving Lights.

Ceiling Wash This Lighting was for a Bat Mitvah for some really creative clients.  The Monogram pattern projected onto the wall was made of Glass which allowed us to use a very nice elegant font.

Table Centerpieces  were Illuminated with White Pin Spot Lighting that helped them to really stand out and pop. LED up lights around the space created a rich glow.

Illuminating a space in this way really helps to create depth.  The use of Multiple Lighting Fixtures with color mixing and located in key positions allowed us to create many different looks and feels throughout the night.

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This Blog was created by Christopher Reilly a Lighting Designer at www.nyeventservices.com to explain the use and common operating principles related to Up Lighting an Event Space.  There are 2 different types of Up Lighting Fixtures generally used on these events, Theatrical Gelled Lighting Fixtures and LED RGB Fixtures.

LED Up Lighting Fixtures:

Up Lighting A Wedding With LED Fixtures

Up Lighting A Wedding With LED Fixtures

LED Up Lighting fixtures provide a Glow to a space with a large selection of available colors and hues.  These fixtures utilize Red, Green and Blue High Powered Led’s to mix colors providing almost an endless palate to choose from. Up Lighting fixtures are used to highlight architectural focal points in a space and provide a general wash of color to the perimeter walls.  These fixtures are operated throughout an event by a Trained Lighting Programmer.

A typical event with these Fixtures runs as follows: When Guests first enter the Ballroom they will be greeted with a glow that matches the season or colors of Table linens.  This initial color is determined by conversations between the Client and Designer.   When the Bridal Party is announced the Fixtures can provide a Color Change to add energy to the space.  Throughout the evening the Fixtures will change color to highlight formalities.

Theatrical Gelled Lighting Fixtures: These fixtures are used when a Client would like the space to remain the same color throughout the evening.   These fixtures utilize a Theatrical Gell to change their color.  These fixtures where very popular before the release of the LED fixtures, they have drawbacks they typically run Hot, and are limited in color i.e. Once a color is chosen between the Designer and Client this is the Glow the space will have throughout the evening.

As a Designer I would always choose the LED Fixtures as they offer the greatest amount of Color Possibilities use very little power and run relatively cool throughout the evening which is important due to the fact that most spaces will utilize 30 and up fixtures to create a complete symmetrical look.

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