Gothic Wedding NYC

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The wedding reception featured below to place in an old gothic church located in NYC.  This space was extremmely raw but had amazing architecture.  Our clients new when they booked the space that the proper lighting was a must.

Gothic Wedding NYC


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Wedding Lighting Pier 60 NYC

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Images of a recent event at Pier 60 Located in NYC.  This event was a Bat Mitzvah.    Our clients went with a lavender linen on their tables so we chose strong warm colors to add an elegant contrast.

Event Lighting NYC, Pier 60 NYC Lighting

Event Lighting NYC, Pier 60 NYC Lighting

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Special Event Lighting

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This has been a great season!  We have really had the ability to design some amazing events.  I have been using a lot of texture to highlight and transform the spaces I have been working in.  The image below was taken at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC.  This space has an amazingly high ceiling and beautifull architecture. Located in the heart of Manhattan.  This space really lends itself to corporate events… Private events… not so much.  The raw space looks very cold and do to how high the ceiling is, very vast.  My biggest challenge as a designer was to add some warmth to the space and get rid of that board room feel.  We Pin Spot lit the centerpieces, washed the tables with a warm amber textured lighting pattern to highlight the table linnin. We used Moving Light Fixtures to illuminate the ceiling with texture as well as spot light formalities and add additional action to the dance floor.   Our client was extremly happy with the results, as was I!!Special Event Lighting New York

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Dramatic Wedding Lighting

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As a Lighting Designer I love when clients approach us looking for Dramatic Lighting at their affair.  This type of Lighting creates the feel of Romance when your  guests enter the space.  Dramatic Lighting can help to enhance a beautiful space by highlighting architecture with up lighting and pin spot lighting centerpieces.

When properly applying Dramatic Lighting to an affair it is important that you keep in mind when you Up Light the space you must now Pin Spot Light your Flowers or Centerpieces.  If you do not apply the lighting this way your Centerpieces will take the color emitted by the up lighting fixtures and lose all detail needed for photo’s and video.

Dramatic Wedding LightingDramatic Wedding LightingDramatic Wedding LightingDramatic Wedding Lighting

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Custom Designed Wedding Monogram

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A Projected Monogram at your event adds a personal touch to the space.  It also illustrates the joining of two individual’s and families.  Custom Monogram’s are Designed based on the clients taste.  Monograms are projected onto a surface either with a non moving Theatrical Fixture or moving color changing Intelle Light Fixture.  Image projection detail is determined by the type of material the Monogram is made out of.  Typically Glass Patterns will deliver the most amount of detail as opposed to Metal.

Below are some of our Monogram Designs:

Custom Wedding Monogram

Wedding Monogram

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Over The Top

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We have been really busy the last few months with some amazingly creative clients, that are looking to push there events creatively over the top.  We crave a challenge and love these type of events, they allow us the freedom to really show what we can do.  Lighting packages like this are not for everyone, but some clients are really looking to transform their space from ordinary to extra ordinary and that is where we come in.  Lighting systems like this allow us to deliver a club / theatrical look to there event.

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Event Planner / Lighting Design

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The proper Event Planner can really make planning your next event an enjoyable experience rather than an over whelming one.  Planning an event is very involved with many details and important decisions to be made.  An event planner can steer you in a direction that can make this process much easier.  You have to remember that this is what we do day in and day out, this is our passion and artistic expression.  When you team together a seasoned event planner with an artistic lighting designer you get event magic.  Our goal has always been to create a dream event for our clients.  We work very closely with you and your event planner to make sure that your needs and expectations are met, in most cases we will exceed your expectations (this is our goal).  The images left and right are perfect examples of event magic.  Pin Spot Lighting was used to illuminate the amazing orchid centerpieces.  We used LED fixtures to deliver a blue color for our guest entrance and then changed the color’s throughout the evening to further enhance the space.

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Proper lighting delivers elegance

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It’s been a busy few weeks!!  We have been producing some amazing events and working with some really creative clients. I couldn’t be happier with our staff they really put in the extra effort that I expect from them.  Event Design is a very stressful business to be in, this is a once in a lifetime event for our clients and I want to make sure that we deliver a dream Monogram Designevent to our clients every time.  Our Monogram design has been a very popular item this season.  Our graphics department has really stepped it up and now C&C has over 12 different Monogram Designs for our clients to choose through. Some have clearly been more popular than

Last week we did an event in NYC at Studio 450.  This space is completely white from the floor to the ceiling.  This is an excellent canvas for a lighting designer.  Our client was looking to add a little color to the space and keep it Elegant.  She also didn’t want to see any black wires along the floor as the space is completely white and wires would look horrible and really distract your eye.  Well no wires hmmm our client really just needs a splash of color in the correct spots sounds like a perfect event for our wireless LED fixtures.

The fixtures have a 10 hour battery onboard and deliver amazing color that can only be achieved by using Philips Color Kinetic LED up lighting fixtures.  I have seen many other fixtures that are on the market today, they just don’t have the color saturation that you get from Color Kinetics.  These fixtures set the Color Kinetic LED Up LightsLighting Design companies apart from DJ entertainment types.  I’m not knocking the DJ companies but would you hire Lighting Company to DJ your event? Then why hire a DJ to illuminate it.

Up Lighting

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Custom Monogram Design

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Recently, we have designed an elegant Monogram for a client of ours.  As per their request the monogram projected has behind the Dias.  They expressed how they did not want a “run of the mill” monogram with just basic initials. Therefore our Graphic Artist put together this beautiful unique pattern.  This pattern was created in Glass in order to allow such complex detail. The lightening set the stage for a gorgeous event, but the bride and groom were a pleasure to work with, and their undying love helped our company set their stage.

Custom Monogram Design
Custom Monogram Design

 package (30 fixtures) around the perimeter of the space and 6 Dance Floor Lighting Pedestals.  This Lighting Package allowed us to spotlight the Grand Entrance of the Bridal Party as well as the Bride and Groom.  We also provide a Spot Lit First Dance that looked amazing.

The Lighting Vendor: C & C Special Event Lighting

Reception Venue: Crest Hollow CC NY

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This Blog was created by Christopher Reilly a Lighting Designer at to explain the use and common operating principles related to Up Lighting an Event Space.  There are 2 different types of Up Lighting Fixtures generally used on these events, Theatrical Gelled Lighting Fixtures and LED RGB Fixtures.

LED Up Lighting Fixtures:

Up Lighting A Wedding With LED Fixtures

Up Lighting A Wedding With LED Fixtures

LED Up Lighting fixtures provide a Glow to a space with a large selection of available colors and hues.  These fixtures utilize Red, Green and Blue High Powered Led’s to mix colors providing almost an endless palate to choose from. Up Lighting fixtures are used to highlight architectural focal points in a space and provide a general wash of color to the perimeter walls.  These fixtures are operated throughout an event by a Trained Lighting Programmer.

A typical event with these Fixtures runs as follows: When Guests first enter the Ballroom they will be greeted with a glow that matches the season or colors of Table linens.  This initial color is determined by conversations between the Client and Designer.   When the Bridal Party is announced the Fixtures can provide a Color Change to add energy to the space.  Throughout the evening the Fixtures will change color to highlight formalities.

Theatrical Gelled Lighting Fixtures: These fixtures are used when a Client would like the space to remain the same color throughout the evening.   These fixtures utilize a Theatrical Gell to change their color.  These fixtures where very popular before the release of the LED fixtures, they have drawbacks they typically run Hot, and are limited in color i.e. Once a color is chosen between the Designer and Client this is the Glow the space will have throughout the evening.

As a Designer I would always choose the LED Fixtures as they offer the greatest amount of Color Possibilities use very little power and run relatively cool throughout the evening which is important due to the fact that most spaces will utilize 30 and up fixtures to create a complete symmetrical look.

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