Event Planner / Lighting Design

December 12, 2009 at 2:58 am (Special Event NY, Uncategorized, Wedding, Wedding Lighting, Wedding Reception, Wedding Up Lighting)

The proper Event Planner can really make planning your next event an enjoyable experience rather than an over whelming one.  Planning an event is very involved with many details and important decisions to be made.  An event planner can steer you in a direction that can make this process much easier.  You have to remember that this is what we do day in and day out, this is our passion and artistic expression.  When you team together a seasoned event planner with an artistic lighting designer you get event magic.  Our goal has always been to create a dream event for our clients.  We work very closely with you and your event planner to make sure that your needs and expectations are met, in most cases we will exceed your expectations (this is our goal).  The images left and right are perfect examples of event magic.  Pin Spot Lighting was used to illuminate the amazing orchid centerpieces.  We used LED fixtures to deliver a blue color for our guest entrance and then changed the color’s throughout the evening to further enhance the space.

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