DJ Provided Lighting vs. Lighting Design Firm

December 12, 2009 at 3:51 am (Special Event NY, Wedding, Wedding Lighting, Wedding Reception, Wedding Up Lighting)

Lately DJ companies have been offering their own version of lighting.  They often do this with the reasoning that they make it easier for their clients by becoming a one stop shop for all of your event needs, no need to deal with multiple vendors.

There is a distinct difference between your Disc Jockey proving Lighting and utilizing a professional Lighting Design firm.  For the most part DJ companies utilize sub par inexpensive lighting fixtures and really don’t have the time to deliver a true lighting experience to there clients.  The DJ’s main focus is the music for the evening, our main focus is delivering a Lighting Masterpiece.

With the prices usually very close for offered services why not hire a Lighting Company that uses professional fixtures and dedicates the full 4 hours of your event to making it look amazing.

When making a decision about something as important as Lighting keep this in mind…

Would you let your Lighting Designer DJ your event… Then why let your DJ Illuminate it?

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